Witches Trail

In the year 1610, the towns of Sara and Zugarramurdi became the backdrop for a “witch hunt” set in motion by the Parliament of Bordeaux (France), which contracted the services of Pierre De Lancre and the Tribunal of the Inquisition of Logroño (Spain). As a result, the arrival of the commissioners provoked widespread terror among the population of these valleys. Many locals went into exile, while the less fortunate were taken prisoner and executed. Our trail takes us to the Navarrese town of Zugarramurdi, which conserves the most evidence of these grim events: here we will visit the “akelarre”, where the Satanic gatherings took place.

Zugarramurdi - Witches Trail
Menhirs, dolmens and cromlechs along the trail

We will be walking along a border path between France and Spain that has seen habitation since the earliest antiquity, as can be seen from the menhirs, dolmens and cromlechs that have survived. Lands that, while bucolic in appearance, have been torn by conflict down to the present day.

Technical features of the trail

  • Distance: 9.75 km
  • Upward gradient: 225 m
  • Downward gradient: 426 m
  • Duration: 3-4 h
  • Technical evaluation: Easy

Equipment required

Nothing special. Comfy walking gear. Good hiking boots advisable. A couple of poles could come in handy. A light backpack with water and a bite to eat.

Zugarramurdi - Witches Trail
Forest Bathing at the Oak Forest

Trail plan

We take a taxi from Bera de Bidasoa to Etxalar (Usotegieta). The ride lasts 30 minutes. The trail begins (at Venta de las Palomeras) after appropriate explanations covering geography, customs and history. Forest bathing in the oak forest at the Usoen Iturria (Fountain of the Doves). Climb to Artxuria peak (optional). A wander amongst menhirs on the Ibañeta Mountain Pass. Descent to Zugarramurdi. Lunch at the Herriko Ostatua restaurant. Visit to Akelarre (Field of the Buck). Return to Bera by taxi (26-minute ride).

Price includes transport, accident insurance, lunch, visit to the Witches Cave, and guide. For up to date prices, please visit http://www.caminarensilencio.com

Price: €190,00 per person

It includes guide, insurance, transport, lunch and visit to the caves in Zugarramurdi.

This is the standard price for a group of 4. Prices for groups of up to 8 people get reduced proportionally. Other options for groups of 3 or less, also available. Please check when making a reservation or by email at caminarensilencio@gmail.com.

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