Mount Jaizkibel

Jaizkibel is a coastal mountain 547 metres high, and it stands on the Basque Coast between Pasaia and Hondarribia. Its rocky strata were formed on the seabed and emerged 40 million years with the same folds that gave rise to the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian Range. Jaizkibel looks down upon scenery of magical wonder, and experts in the study of European coastlines prize it as a jewel.

Walk through the Valley of Colours

When we contemplate its geoforms we are admiring the portico of a Gothic cathedral sculpted by nature. On our trail we’ll visit the fossilized wave of Grankanto, and Labetxu, known as “the valley of colours”, where time has stood still and one might be entering the Lost World of Arthur Conan Doyle. This trail offers a unique experience for the photography of detail, form and colour.

Technical features of the trail

  • Distance: 6.77Km
  • Upward gradient: 342 metres
  • Downward gradient: 342 metres
  • Duration: 1h 30m in terms of movement. 3 hours including halts.
  • Technical evaluation: Easy


The terrain calls for hiking shoes and poles, while its vegetation demands long trousers and long sleeves. Also, a must is a light backpack carrying water and some food.

Descent to the coastline

Trail Plan

We set off in the morning from Bera de Bidasoa and travel by taxi to Jaizkibel (a 21km journey which takes 20-30 minutes). The trail proper starts off in Mendiburu after appropriate explanations covering geography, customs, and history. Forest bathing in Gaztarrotz (ruins of an old caserio). Descent to the coastline and walk through the Valle de los Colores (Valley of colours). Whenever something arouses our interest, we’ll take a halt. Return through the Laberinto Blanco (White Labyrinth). We taxi back to Pasai Donibane and lunch at Casa Mirones restaurant, maybe the famous one at the place a whole gastronomic experience to occupy your taste buds as you wach what goes on in the little port.

Price: €181,50 per person

It includes VAT, guide, insurance, transport and lunch.

This is the standard price for a group of 4. Prices for groups of up to 8 people get reduced proportionally. Other options for groups of 3 or less, also available. Please check when making a reservation or by email at

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