Hell's Mill

Between Baztan and Etxalar runs Infernuko Erreka, Hell’s Stream, alongside which runs a path that leads us through the thick Atlantic forest to the mill of the same name, where local people used to bring the corn they had collected in their fields for grinding.

This mill was built in the Carlist period (wars of dynastic succession in Spain during the 19th century) and performed an important function for the Carlist soldiers scattered throughout the area, as they used it to stock up their supplies of flour. It was the only local mill to continue working, clandestinely, during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). To avoid the army’s requisitions, peasants came to the mill at night their donkeys loaded laden with corn.

Hell's Mill Trail
Old mill in Hell’s Stream

It belonged for many years to the town of Etxalar and to Baztan and lay in a state of total neglect and ruin until it was acquired by the Argarate family, who also own the Etxebertzeko Borda restaurant located nearby, which they completely refurbished. It stands today as a place of great historical and cultural interest.

Technical features of the trail

  • Distance: 6.71 km
  • Upward gradient:167 m
  • Downward gradient: 195 m
  • Duration: 2-3 h
  • Technical evaluation: Easy


Nothing special. Comfy walking gear, good hiking shoes advisable. A couple of poles could come in handy. A light backpack with water and a bite to eat.

Hell's Mill Trail
From Bera de Bidasoa to Etxalar

Trail Plan

We make the journey from Bera de Bidasoa to Etxalar by taxi (length of trip 30 minutes). The trail kicks off in Orizki. After the appropriate explanations covering geography, customs and history we start the route of descent towards the ravine. We celebrate “Forest bathing” in the beech grove and seek out the old platforms of the charcoal burners (txondorrak) whose fires perhaps gave rise to the name of this place. We then press on as far as Hell’s Millstream where we are likely to call a few halts to dwell on the magical delights it has to offer. That will leave us with a short 20-minute walk to Etxebertzeko Borda, a venta (rural hostel) where we can enjoy the typical menu the area provides: bean stew and trout from the very same stream. In the late afternoon, we return to Bera by taxi (a trip that takes 45 minutes).

Price: €196,00 per person

It includes VAT guide, insurance, transport and lunch.

This is the standard price for a group of 4. Prices for groups of up to 8 people get reduced proportionally. Other options for groups of 3 or less, also available. Please check when making a reservation or by email at caminarensilencio@gmail.com.

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