Silent walking

In these troubled times for our planet, more and more people today sense a vital need to break away from the excesses of technology, the noise of the city and the unrelenting barrage of images and advertising. Understanding nature as a temple of wellbeing where we can think things over, meditate, and relax our minds, helps us to rediscover the delight of walking in natural surroundings and to recognize the pulse of all that latent energy.

Silent Walking follows such a philosophy, regarding the pursuit of hiking as a way of recovering a personal space connected with nature, providing a singular experience of wellbeing.

Hell’s Mill

Alongside Hell’s Stream, a path leads us through the thick Atlantic forest to Hell’s Mill.

Mount Jaizkibel

Coastal mountain over a scenery of magical wonder, a jewel among European coastlines.

Witches Trail

An antique border path between France and Spain dotted with menhirs, dolmens and cromlechs.

Errioxa Trail

High mountain ranges, rolling hills and winding rivers in Rioja wine country.

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